Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is available for pre-order on selected platforms if you’re like me. You can get at least ten copies of the game without having to ask Executive Producer David Nisshagen or Game Director Mans Olson. You can also pre-install the game on your console or computer if you have Xbox Game Pass. This will allow you to start playing on day one.

You might be asking “What is Minecraft Dungeons?”. I could ask you if you have been living under a brick, but I’d rather explain: Minecraft Dungeons, our new action-adventure, and dungeon crawler-style video game, lets up to four players battle together to defeat Arch-Illager, his relentless swarms of new-and-nasty mobsters – one action-packed level at time. You can do it with your friends and have access to all kinds of weapons, artifacts and enchantments. If you have any questions, our FAQ will answer them all!

Minecraft Dungeons is a Minecraft game. It’s a standalone, new game that takes place within the Minecraft universe. It has all of its blocky charms and challenges. Although you might not be able place blocks or build a house out of cobblestone, you are still an adventurer exploring the Overworld.

Are there any character classes in Minecraft Dungeons
Minecraft Dungeons does not have classes. Minecraft is all about the player creating their own playstyle and identity using the items they equip. You are what you wear!

Xbox Game Pass will Minecraft Dungeons be made available?
Your Xbox Game Pass membership will include the Standard Edition of Minecraft Dungeons. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members have access to both consoles and Windows PCs. Xbox Game Pass members have access to up to 10% off related Minecraft Dungeons DLC, add-ons, and games!

Is Minecraft Dungeons compatible with multiplayer? If so, how does it work and what are the rules?
Grab your controller and get in the action! Minecraft Dungeons can support up to four players in both online and local couch co-op modes. We do not provide a couch.

Minecraft Dungeons will support cross-platform multiplayer
Online multiplayer will be available at launch. We are working to bring cross-platform multiplayer to Xbox One, Windows 10 and Nintendo Switch in the near future via a free update.

Is there online multiplayer that allows for matchmaking?
No. No.

Are the missions different from one game to another?
Yes! Yes! This means that while some missions will remain the same, the paths, mobs, and treasure you find will change every time you play them.

Is there DLC?
Yes! You’ll be able to access two new DLC packs with Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition. We will soon share more information.

Why can’t I preorder Minecraft Dungeons for all platforms?
Minecraft Dungeons will launch on all platforms, but it is not available for preorder on every platform. Keep an eye on the official Minecraft Channels for the latest updates.


Aqua affinity with respiration

Minecraft’s oceans were largely uninteresting, bare expanses made of dirt and gravel for a long time. This is not the case anymore. The undersea now has monuments, ruins and reefs. Aqua affinity and respiration are two of the reasons why players want to spend more time underwater than ever before.

Two similar but distinct Minecraft enchantments are aqua affinity and respiration. Because of their underwater benefits, players will want both enchantments to be on their helmets.

Can players wear both aqua and respiration enchantments to their Minecraft helmets?

Aqua affinity

Aqua affinity is a single-level enchantment that can either be worn on helmets or turtle shells. Normaly, if a player’s head goes underwater, it takes five times longer to mine any blocks.

The aqua affinity enchantment eliminates the penalty completely. All levels of the enchantment work the same, even if they are placed on helmets using console commands.

Mining speed is affected by a similar but different penalty when a player is trying to mine while floating. This penalty results in mining speeds that are five times slower. This penalty adds to the underwater mining speed penalty.

This means that an underwater player who attempts to mine while floating downs will do so 25 times faster than normal. While the floating mining penalty is not affected by the aqua affinity enchantment, it does remove the underwater penalty.

Aqua affinity is a penalty that is five times slower than an unenchanted player mining the same thing.


Respiration is an Enchantment with three levels. This enchantment is available in two forms: turtle shells or helmets. This enchantment increases the player’s underwater breathing by 15 seconds for each level.

This is in addition the 15 second base underwater breathing time. At respiration level 3, players can stay underwater for up to 60 seconds.

This additional time will be increased by 10 seconds if a turtle shell is worn by a player. This allows them to breathe underwater for a maximum of 70 seconds.


These two Minecraft helmet enchantments don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Both enchantments also work well together to cover the weaknesses of each other. While respiration allows players to spend more time underwater, it also means that players can mine 5-25 times faster than normal. Aqua affinity solves this problem.

Mining at a steady speed underwater can be very slow, and players have only 15 seconds to take damage. That might not be enough time to reach seafloor in deep ocean.

The solution is respiration. This allows players to breathe underwater, giving them ample time to complete their tasks. These two are amazing complements and should be worn on all helmets that players intend to use for a long time.


Ice bomb in Minecraft

Minecraft’s Education Edition contains ice bombs. They are used to freeze water. You can make it by combining Sodium Acetate compounds.

Minecraft is a huge game. This means that there are many items available for players to interact. Due to Minecraft’s size, many items are not easily accessible.

Most Minecraft players don’t know much about ice bombs and the Education Edition, as Java and Bedrock are the most popular editions. This article will teach players how to make ice bombs in Minecraft.

Minecraft Ice Bombs: History, uses, and how to make them

Every edition of Minecraft contains at least one exclusive feature. Minecraft’s Education Edition is the only edition that can find certain items. Some players might not have heard of ice bombs in Minecraft. They are only available in the Education Edition.

What are they?

Ice bombs can be used to freeze water into liquid ice in Minecraft. These items can be compared to ender pearls in that they require a brief cooldown before another can be thrown.

Only the Education Edition of Minecraft will allow players to find Ice Bombs. This feature is available to Bedrock players by activating the “Education Edition”.

When ice bombs hit any block or entity, they will explode. Ice bombs that are thrown underwater by a player will freeze the player. An ice bomb will not cause any damage to another entity or knockback.

How do they get created?

In Minecraft Education Edition, it is easy to make ice bombs. To create ice bombs players only need to combine four Sodium Acetate compounds.

Only the Education Edition of Minecraft can you get compound. Compounds can only be made by players who combine different elements. Players will need to combine 2 carbon, 3 hydrogen, 1 Sodium, and 2 oxygen in order to make Sodium Acetate.


How to link nether portals in Minecraft

There are three dimensions to the Minecraft world that players can explore. Players must use the portals to access different dimensions of Minecraft.

Survival game mode does not allow for the creation of an end portal, but it is possible to create a Nether portal. Many Minecraft beginners don’t know that the Nether portals can be linked to each other in both the Overworld and the Nether.

Minecraft: Linking nether portals

Before connecting two portals, players must be aware that every block traveled in the Nether equals eight blocks in Overworld.

Steps for linking portals

1) Players must note the exact coordinates of their Overworld portal (X, Y and Z). You can do this by activating the portal and standing on it. Players then need to divide by eight the X-Z coordinates of their Nether portal.

2) Players must round up decimal values after dividing the coordinates. If the coordinates are divided by 25.5, players can round them up to 26. If it is 25.3, players may round it up 25.

3) Once they have their new coordinates, the player must go through the portal to the Nether to travel to them.

4) Next, create a portal at those coordinates and activate it. This new portal will link to the Overworld portal.

5) To link a portal in The Nether to an Overworld portal, the player must multiply the coordinates by eight rather than dividing them.

Multiple Nether portals can be linked to provide many benefits

Players can cover thousands of blocks quickly by traveling eight blocks in Overworld.

Multiple portals can be set up at different locations so players can quickly access the Nether and travel to the other portals to return to Overworld. This saves a lot of time, and makes it a little more enjoyable to travel from one place or another.

This feature is extremely useful in Survival Multiplayer server to travel between bases or farms located thousands of blocks apart. Multiple portals are also available for famous servers like the Hermitcraft.


5 new decor ideas in Minecraft

Building a base is a crucial part of Minecraft’s gameplay, and players often spend hours perfecting their in-game homes. But how can players make their bases unique? One way to do this is to build while following a theme.

There are dozens of themes that players can use to style their Minecraft base, with one of the most popular being a modern theme. Modeled after real-life buildings and architecture, this eye-catching theme is great for Minecraft beginners and experts alike.

Want to give your base a modern theme, but you aren’t sure how? You aren’t alone. Here’s a list of five modern decoration ideas for Minecraft to help you get started.

5) Flatscreen TV

This design introduces a flatscreen TV into Minecraft, and it is a great addition to any player’s base. The best part? This design is super low-cost. It uses just glass panes and a painting.

Players can also add extra details if they choose to, but even then, the materials are simple and easy to find. A wooden button, for example, can be used to make a TV remote.

Overall this is an excellent, low-cost design for players who want to add an entertainment area to their Minecraft base.

4) Fireplace

Using quartz blocks to build, this fireplace design adds a luxurious flair to an otherwise commonplace build. This design is an excellent way for Minecraft players to illuminate their bases in-game, as it incorporates a window as well as several campfires.

3) Modern shower

Minecraft players can use this design to add a shower to their in-game base. All they will need are some end rods, an iron trapdoor, and a button.

Although the materials to build this can be a bit difficult to find, this is an easy design to build. It is an excellent decoration for a modern Minecraft base’s bathroom.

2) Ceiling fan

Decorations shouldn’t just be present on the bottom levels of your Minecraft base, but this is often the case. Adding a ceiling fan to your base is an excellent way to remedy that.

To build a ceiling fan in Minecraft, players will need to suspend a trapdoor from the ceiling. Then place some string on the sides of the trapdoor. From there, all the player needs to do is place their carpet of choice on top of the string. This creates the blades of the ceiling fan and completes the build.

1) Modern bed

Beds are one of the most crucial parts of a Minecraft player’s base. As such, players will want to put some thought into how they design theirs.

This design is made by building a structure of snow and quartz steps around the player’s beds. The result is a sleek, elegant design.

There are also some more decorative elements to this build. Players can also use dead coral to add a modern rug around their bed, although regular carpets can also be used.

Designing a modern Minecraft base can be difficult. Luckily, there are many modern decoration designs that players can use to brighten up their bases.


Top 5 exploration mods

The number of Minecraft mods is vast, and they allow players to customize their game experience in an infinite way. The final product can look very different from the vanilla Minecraft.

There are many Minecraft mods, but Biomes O’ Plenty is the most popular. It has received 65 million downloads in its seven-year lifespan.

If you’ve enjoyed Biomes O’ Plenty, then the obvious question is where else can you find it. This article will highlight five Minecraft mods similar to Biomes O’ Plenty.

5) Atmospheric

This mod adds an abundance of unique biomes into Minecraft. There are currently two distinct categories of biomes: “Rainforests” and “Dunes”. All biomes fall within these categories and are their own sub-categories.

This mod is a popular choice for explorational Minecraft server and has been downloaded over 7,000,000 times. It’s not hard to see why it’s so popular. This mod adds a lot of detail to the biomes, including custom vegetation, blocks and items as well as fully interactive mobs.

4) Better Badlands

Better Badlands is different from most mods in this list. It aims to improve one pre-existing Minecraft biome rather than add many more.

For a long time, fans have complained that the vanilla Badlands biome lacks polish and has many other problems that make it difficult to remember. Better Badlands is a popular game with more than 3.5 million downloads.

This mod changes the world generation rules for Badlands biome. It adds a lot of new blocks, ores, structures and more.

3) Traverse Reforged

Traverse Reforged is a great mod for adding biomes to Minecraft.

This mod adds over 20 biomes to Minecraft. Each one was designed to fit the vanilla Minecraft gameplay. This mod has fewer custom features, but it works well and is simple to understand for those who are not experienced.

It’s also been downloaded over 18,000,000 times, which shows that it is of exceptional quality, even though it lacks some custom features.

2) Autumn

Autumnity, a popular mod for Minecraft farming servers that adds many autumn-themed biomes to Minecraft, is very much in demand.

Each biome is breathtaking and comes with its own unique set of mobs, food, farming mechanics, building blocks, and other useful features.

Overall, this mod is a good choice and a great option for anyone who wants to add some well-made biomes to their game.

1) Oh, the Biomes You’ll Visit

The mod “Oh The Biomes You’ll go” is exploration-focused and very similar to Biomes O’ Lots. It adds more than 80 biomes to the game.

While 80 may seem like a lot, it is clear that every detail was thought out. The Mojave Desert is one of the most stunning biomes that this mod has added. It’s a beautiful desert that was inspired by the American Southwest.

The Ancient Forest is another outstanding biome that was added to this mod. It contains many mysteries and secrets. This mod is an easy choice for anyone who has enjoyed Biomes O’ Plenty.


Dripstone caves tips and tricks

Dripstone caves were introduced to Minecraft 1.17 as part of the Caves & Cliffs update. They are biomes rife in dripstone stalagmites, stalactites, and water.

Dripstone caves are relatively new and have seen a lot of popularity in Minecraft. This is due to their uniqueness and the different aesthetics that it brings to Minecraft.

Although they might look like regular biomes, there are a few things you should keep in mind as you explore a dripstone cave.

5) There are some differences in the biome among Minecraft versions

The Minecraft Java and Bedrock Editions have had long-standing differences. This is also true for aspects such as dripstone caves. They differ in the temperature and coloration of their leaves.

The mob behavior and spawning rates seem to be almost identical in both versions of Minecraft. This is a bit surprising considering many of the differences between Minecraft versions have to do the mobspawn rates. However, Minecraft players who are attentive may be able to spot subtle visual differences between the two versions.

4) Water wells are created

Dripstone caves cannot claim their names without water and dripstone. Dripstone cave biomes often have small water reservoirs, usually in areas 1×1 or similar. Although these cave biomes may contain significantly more water than others, players shouldn’t be surprised if they have very small water pools. This is probably an aesthetic choice as many caves that inspired dripstone caverns were those like Hang SAE!n Aoong, Vietnam. It has a large subterranean stream.

These water wells can be used to spawn glow and drowsy squid

Dripstone caves contain water, so drowned can spawn as hostile mobs in the biome. Dripstone caves’ underground nature allows non-hostile mobs such as glow squids, to emerge within their waters.

These mobs don’t often spawn within Minecraft’s cave biomes, so players should be alert in the biome.

2) Dripstone caves produce more copper ore

Many of the ores in Minecraft are created in small clusters called “blobs”. The blobs may contain more or less ore blocks, depending on where they are located.

Dripstone caves have a higher number of copper ore blocks per block than other cave or mountain biomes. Dripstone caves can be a good place to find extra copper ore for your projects.

1) Dripstone caves are still dangerous

Dripstone cave biomes, which are subterranean and can be found in caves, are just as dangerous as any other cave biomes. These biomes can also generate within ravines, so players who aren’t alert could end up with a terrible fall.

Dripstone caves can also house the same types of hostile mobs that are found in other parts of the Overworld, such as spiders and slimes. Rarely, even chicken jockey and spider enemies can spawn.

Dripstone caves offer a lot of enjoyment, but players need to be careful when exploring. The dangers don’t stop just because they have entered a new biome.


Best uses for potions in Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox that allows players to be creative and do whatever they want. Potions are the same.

There are many potions that users can make and then use. These potions can be very useful in sticky situations because they grant players many buffs.

Gamers must find rare items that are difficult to find in order to make a potion. The end result is worth it. Potions can give potions an edge in combating or exploring the dark.

There were some major changes made to the world generation with Minecraft 1.18. These changes can make it difficult for players to explore the world without any restrictions. Certain potions can help players overcome any obstacles and come out victorious.

Positives can have either positive or negative effects. Although they are more focused on the latter, some potions can have negative effects.

Before they can start brewing, they need to have the following items:

Other ingredients can be added to potions to enhance their effects. These ingredients can include sugar and phantom membranes. Some potions such as Potion of Water Breathing or Potion of Fire Resistance will be of great value in Minecraft.

This article lists five of the best Minecraft 1.18 potions. These potions help them navigate the new terrain better and defeat the dark-eyed mobs.

1) Night Vision Potion

This potion is one of the most useful. It grants players the ability see clearly underwater and in the dark, as the name implies.

This is extremely advantageous because they can now explore caves freely. Night Vision potions can be made easily using golden carrots.

2) Potion of Slow Falling

Fall damage is a very easy way to get killed in Minecraft. Fall damage is a growing threat to gamers, with the limit on build blocks increasing to 319 blocks and caves dropping to -64 blocks.

The slow falling potion reduces fall speed and prevents fall injury. It is necessary to obtain phantom membranes by killing Phantoms in order to brew it.

3) Potion to Invisibility

This potion allows players to move freely without being detected by mobs and other users. They can move freely and easily collect resources in deep caves if they are paired with the Night Vision Potion.

The Potion of Invisibility is also able to sneak attack other gamers in multiplayer games. To make this potion, they need a fermented spidereye.

4) Potion for Healing

Mobs can jump players because of the lack of light in caves. This potion is a lifesaver in such dangerous conditions. After consuming the potion, four to eight hearts can be instantly restored.

This potion can be converted into a splash potion to do damage to the undead mob and regain health. To make this potion, they will need to have the glistening melons.

5) Potion to Swiftness

This potion, as the name implies, gives gamers speed and agility. They can travel faster and jump further after taking it. The potion can boost the user’s abilities by 20% to 40% in just eight minutes and three minutes respectively.

This enhanced ability allows players to move faster and avoid mobs. They must be careful not to fall into crevices or holes that could lead to their death. This potions is easy to make as it only requires sugar. It can be made by breaking sugarcane.

Other potions can also give gamers extra abilities that improve their gaming experience. These potions can be explored by players and used in a variety of situations. Each potions has its own pros and cons. It’s up the users to choose which one they use best.


Creative servers

There are now thousands of Minecraft servers. The sheer number of Minecraft servers competing for your attention, promising you plots, games, and more, is a sign of the game’s incredible popularity.

Minecraft is about building. This is where creative servers are useful.

Perhaps you are looking to make a Studio Ghibli movie come to life, or a themed build. Servers are available for this.

Maybe you just want to create a Game of Thrones world with a happy ending. You can also use the server to do this.

There are endless possibilities for Minecraft servers that can be used to recreate the real world or to improve your skills in professional building. We’ve compiled a list of eight of the best creative servers to give you an idea of which one might suit your needs.

PirateCraft Server

Piratecraft is one the most creative and player-friendly servers available. It’s a great choice for anyone who ever imagined that pirates would be your life.

PirateCraft’s creative mode allows you to build the largest vessel on the seas, or focus your efforts on building the best port.

The standard 64×64 plot is available to players at first, but they can accumulate up 16 additional plots. Administrators encourage players to combine their plots into mega plots, and create the largest pirate world that they can.

You can access worldedit and a variety of quality-of-life features that will make this process much easier.

You can switch to survival or PvP if you want to see your creation in action.

You can also get instant parrot commands that will ensure your feathery friend is always with you. You could not ask for more.

Server: MC Atlas

MC Atlas may be right for you if you ever desired to have complete control over your world and the ability to make it your own.

It is a Ruincraft-based server that can re-create the whole world in Minecraft. The scale is 1:1,000.

You can build an empire, concentrate on building cities, make alliances with other countries, and implement PvP in your area. Or, you can just be a hermit in the big world, if that’s what your heart desires. MC Atlas offers real-life weather information and ore deposits.

You can also create Towns with other players by joining the Discord. Although the main page looks a little empty, Discord shows that it is a very active community. There will be plenty of people to build with, even if you don’t want to become a hermit.

It is important to remember some basic rules for such a large world. First, the world can’t be edited and you cannot make it your own.

Do you want to chop down trees? Okay. Do you want to destroy a mountain range or stop water from reaching your lair’s source? This is a big no.

Server: The Lord of the Craft

I know, it’s true. This one has been done before. You might be thinking, “This must be roleplaying!” You need to get out of my Minecraft! The Lord of the Craft adds a creative twist to Minecraft roleplaying.

The Lord of the Craft, despite its name, isn’t just about Tolkien’s universe. It doesn’t even have to be.

You don’t have to create your Lord of the Rings universe. Your task is to create it. Period. Whatever you are, be it. Lord of the Craft encourages you to use building to express your identity and goals.

You can focus on the roleplaying modes and conflicts. However, you can also freebuild in a variety ways and avoid conflict if this is not the story that you are trying to tell.

You can start with the petty build which isn’t actually made of anything and go all the way to creating your own settlements or forts. To help you express yourself, there are many Minecraft skins. While there are some guidelines that must be followed, the vast majority of builds can be created with no restrictions.

Server: Minecraft Middle Earth

To recreate Tolkien’s world, you can visit Minecraft Middle Earth. This server is solely for creative purposes. There are no other options or ways to create anything. Your goal is to create Middle Earth as you please.

Freebuilding is something you can do, whether it’s for fun or to learn how to build a particular style.

You can still take part in community projects that use everyone’s creativity to build towns, caves and other things in Middle Earth.

Other roles include artist designer or builder, as well as one who welcomes newbies. If you work hard and play nice, you may be able to take on a different role.


Many of the larger Minecraft servers do not offer freebies or gate things behind votes., one of the larger servers, has a store. However, its creative server offers a lot of freedom.

Instant access to seven plots 70×70. You can claim them or turn them into mega plots if you wish. While you don’t have the ability to edit the world, all physics are enabled.

You have a lot of options, with over 1,500 block types. These include interior design blocks and Pokemon, as well as food and characters.

You can create your own games within the games, unlike other creative servers. UberMC offers mini-games and similar features, but you are free to create your own. You can also turn your huge plot into a standalone roleplaying experience.

This is the essence of Minecraft, and you can find it here.

Server: GhibliCraft

GhibliCraft sounds exactly like it does: A creative Minecraft server that recreates the worlds of Studio Ghibli.

It began as a single-person project several years ago and was centered around My Neighbor Totoro’s and Howl’s Moving Castle. It has grown to include Ponyo and Spirited Away since then.

Two plots are provided for newcomers in freebuild mode. Plot World is the main area of creativity. You get two 64×64 plots. This area also allows you to have your own projects.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t create whatever you want. You can work towards improving your rank on the server, filling out your plot and building amazing creations.

There is also a Large World, which gives you 2 200×200 plots. You can do anything without being judged. Town Plot, however, is for building houses. There’s also a regular world without restrictions where plots can be obtained by voting, claims and other methods.

Even if your intention is to build Ghibli-themed creations only, there are plenty of options in the studio’s work. Have a look here.

Server: WesterosCraft

Yes, there is a creative server that exists solely to create Westeros. This server is very similar to MC Middle Earth but it is Game of Thrones-themed.

You can choose to build a project for contest purposes, or a group build to tackle large projects such as the Winterfell one sees above.

Your goal is to build all of Westeros. This means that you fill in the gaps between towns and fortresses.

The team is more ambitious than this. There are many guidelines that you need to follow when working on projects. This will test your creativity. You might be asked to consider how the wind blows, while others may ask you to think about stone shapes and shading.

The team plans to eventually move into Essos, potentially turning the entire world into an open-world RPG. But that’s in the near future.

You might need more freedom. However, you can still look at the main page and take a look at it.

Server: Builder’s Refuge

Builder’s Refuge offers a unique creative service. It’s not just for creating and having fun, although there are always learning opportunities. Builder’s Refuge is a Minecraft server that professionals can use to learn and collaborate with other creators.

It’s not surprising that pro players will be able to access world edit and many other features for free, given the server’s mission.

It is also the home of the Darwin Reforged project, which uses the Minecraft Forge to allow builders to create intricate scenes and buildings with a medieval theme.

Tutorials, networking opportunities and an active Discord are all available. There are also special worlds for streamers that allow them to interact with users. It’s all completely free.

This is not the right place for everyone. Not everyone wants to build Minecraft professionally. Builder’s Refuge is the best place to go if you have plans, or if you think you might be a good builder.


Minecraft: Endless creativity

“Minecraft” may be one of the rarest games that can transcend generations. It is not only popular with different demographics but also easily recognized in contemporary pop culture. Its longevity is truly a remarkable feat, a testament to its serotonin-stimulating, highly addictive nostalgic factor.

Markus “Notch”, Persson created “Minecraft” in 2009. Jens “Jeb” Bergensten, Mojang’s chief developer, took over the development after it was officially released for iOS and PC in 2011. Mojang sold its game and company to Microsoft in 2014 and changed gears.

“Minecraft”, with more than 200,000,000 sales on multiple platforms, is still the most popular video game. Players can discover their true creativity through the infinite sandbox gameplay. It also has over 130 million monthly active players who enjoy and appreciate the little bit of escapism it provides.

Imagine this — 98. 99. 100% — plop. Your world is unlike any other. You gaze around at the wonder of the creation all around you. Reality can be made from blocks or foraged with blocks. There is no structure to limit your autonomy. There are no divine agents to stop your will. This world is your story, and you are the protagonist.

My very first time logging onto a new world was when I had nothing. Cubic trees, cubic oceans, and cubic animals were all I saw. It was simple, maybe even primitive, but there was an appeal to this form of minimalism, unlike popular first-person-shooters or MMORPGs that tirelessly tried to reach realism.

This felt more real than the real world, where the sun governed day and the moon night. I was able to take full control of the situation. My role was that of a blacksmith and farmer by trade, but I was also an architect and a warrior by design. I built my shelter, gathered my food, and crafted my necessities. This allowed me to survive against mobs and monsters. This was a huge achievement for a ten year old who wanted to be competent in something and escape from reality.

Back then, “Minecraft” was only available in single-player or multiplayer modes. There were two modes for single-player, survival and creative. Hardcore mode is a type of survival in which the game settings have to be set to the highest difficulty. Permadeath occurs when a player dies. To spice up the single-player experience, “Minecraft”, has added more game modes such as spectator mode and adventure to its game-mode lineup.

Multiplayer mode was best suited for “Minecraft” servers. With unique server addresses, players could log in to popular servers such as Hypixel, Mineplex, and Desteria. There are many mini-games on these servers, including parkour, spleef and prop hunt. Others were dedicated fantasy worlds in which politics and established factions were the main focus of the game. Some servers were created by fans to replicate pop-cultural worlds such as “Pokemon”, “Avatar” and “The Last Airbender.”

Mojang launched “Minecraft Realms” in 2013. This subscription-based hosting service eased the pain for people who had to manually set up online servers from their home and within their internet service provider’s restrictions. This allowed for the expansion of multiplayer, which was a great way to build a relationship with your users, especially in light of the recent pandemic.

Mojang releases updates periodically that address bugs and glitches in the game. Sometimes they react to fan feedback. For example, the Village Pillage update for “Minecraft”, which marked the tenth anniversary of the game’s creation, in 2019, added more creatures and expanded the innate gameplay. The Nether Update of 2020 was the most recent update. It added four biomes and mobs that have distinct interactions. With such a large community, “Minecraft” strives to be an evolving game. Fans are on the edge of their seats when it announces the Caves and Cliffs update, which is due out in the summer.