5 new decor ideas in Minecraft


5 new decor ideas in Minecraft

Building a base is a crucial part of Minecraft's gameplay, and players often spend hours perfecting their in-game homes. But how can players make their bases unique? One way to do this is to build while following a theme.

There are dozens of themes that players can use to style their Minecraft base, with one of the most popular being a modern theme. Modeled after real-life buildings and architecture, this eye-catching theme is great for Minecraft beginners and experts alike.

Want to give your base a modern theme, but you aren't sure how? You aren't alone. Here's a list of five modern decoration ideas for Minecraft to help you get started.

5) Flatscreen TV

This design introduces a flatscreen TV into Minecraft, and it is a great addition to any player's base. The best part? This design is super low-cost. It uses just glass panes and a painting.

Players can also add extra details if they choose to, but even then, the materials are simple and easy to find. A wooden button, for example, can be used to make a TV remote.

Overall this is an excellent, low-cost design for players who want to add an entertainment area to their Minecraft base.

4) Fireplace

Using quartz blocks to build, this fireplace design adds a luxurious flair to an otherwise commonplace build. This design is an excellent way for Minecraft players to illuminate their bases in-game, as it incorporates a window as well as several campfires.

3) Modern shower

Minecraft players can use this design to add a shower to their in-game base. All they will need are some end rods, an iron trapdoor, and a button.

Although the materials to build this can be a bit difficult to find, this is an easy design to build. It is an excellent decoration for a modern Minecraft base's bathroom.

2) Ceiling fan

Decorations shouldn't just be present on the bottom levels of your Minecraft base, but this is often the case. Adding a ceiling fan to your base is an excellent way to remedy that.

To build a ceiling fan in Minecraft, players will need to suspend a trapdoor from the ceiling. Then place some string on the sides of the trapdoor. From there, all the player needs to do is place their carpet of choice on top of the string. This creates the blades of the ceiling fan and completes the build.

1) Modern bed

Beds are one of the most crucial parts of a Minecraft player's base. As such, players will want to put some thought into how they design theirs.

This design is made by building a structure of snow and quartz steps around the player's beds. The result is a sleek, elegant design.

There are also some more decorative elements to this build. Players can also use dead coral to add a modern rug around their bed, although regular carpets can also be used.

Designing a modern Minecraft base can be difficult. Luckily, there are many modern decoration designs that players can use to brighten up their bases.