Creative servers


Creative servers

There are now thousands of Minecraft servers. The sheer number of Minecraft servers competing for your attention, promising you plots, games, and more, is a sign of the game's incredible popularity.

Minecraft is about building. This is where creative servers are useful.

Perhaps you are looking to make a Studio Ghibli movie come to life, or a themed build. Servers are available for this.

Maybe you just want to create a Game of Thrones world with a happy ending. You can also use the server to do this.

There are endless possibilities for Minecraft servers that can be used to recreate the real world or to improve your skills in professional building. We've compiled a list of eight of the best creative servers to give you an idea of which one might suit your needs.

PirateCraft Server

Piratecraft is one the most creative and player-friendly servers available. It's a great choice for anyone who ever imagined that pirates would be your life.

PirateCraft's creative mode allows you to build the largest vessel on the seas, or focus your efforts on building the best port.

The standard 64×64 plot is available to players at first, but they can accumulate up 16 additional plots. Administrators encourage players to combine their plots into mega plots, and create the largest pirate world that they can.

You can access worldedit and a variety of quality-of-life features that will make this process much easier.

You can switch to survival or PvP if you want to see your creation in action.

You can also get instant parrot commands that will ensure your feathery friend is always with you. You could not ask for more.

Server: MC Atlas

MC Atlas may be right for you if you ever desired to have complete control over your world and the ability to make it your own.

It is a Ruincraft-based server that can re-create the whole world in Minecraft. The scale is 1:1,000.

You can build an empire, concentrate on building cities, make alliances with other countries, and implement PvP in your area. Or, you can just be a hermit in the big world, if that's what your heart desires. MC Atlas offers real-life weather information and ore deposits.

You can also create Towns with other players by joining the Discord. Although the main page looks a little empty, Discord shows that it is a very active community. There will be plenty of people to build with, even if you don't want to become a hermit.

It is important to remember some basic rules for such a large world. First, the world can't be edited and you cannot make it your own.

Do you want to chop down trees? Okay. Do you want to destroy a mountain range or stop water from reaching your lair's source? This is a big no.

Server: The Lord of the Craft

I know, it's true. This one has been done before. You might be thinking, “This must be roleplaying!” You need to get out of my Minecraft! The Lord of the Craft adds a creative twist to Minecraft roleplaying.

The Lord of the Craft, despite its name, isn't just about Tolkien's universe. It doesn't even have to be.

You don't have to create your Lord of the Rings universe. Your task is to create it. Period. Whatever you are, be it. Lord of the Craft encourages you to use building to express your identity and goals.

You can focus on the roleplaying modes and conflicts. However, you can also freebuild in a variety ways and avoid conflict if this is not the story that you are trying to tell.

You can start with the petty build which isn't actually made of anything and go all the way to creating your own settlements or forts. To help you express yourself, there are many Minecraft skins. While there are some guidelines that must be followed, the vast majority of builds can be created with no restrictions.

Server: Minecraft Middle Earth

To recreate Tolkien's world, you can visit Minecraft Middle Earth. This server is solely for creative purposes. There are no other options or ways to create anything. Your goal is to create Middle Earth as you please.

Freebuilding is something you can do, whether it's for fun or to learn how to build a particular style.

You can still take part in community projects that use everyone's creativity to build towns, caves and other things in Middle Earth.

Other roles include artist designer or builder, as well as one who welcomes newbies. If you work hard and play nice, you may be able to take on a different role.


Many of the larger Minecraft servers do not offer freebies or gate things behind votes., one of the larger servers, has a store. However, its creative server offers a lot of freedom.

Instant access to seven plots 70×70. You can claim them or turn them into mega plots if you wish. While you don't have the ability to edit the world, all physics are enabled.

You have a lot of options, with over 1,500 block types. These include interior design blocks and Pokemon, as well as food and characters.

You can create your own games within the games, unlike other creative servers. UberMC offers mini-games and similar features, but you are free to create your own. You can also turn your huge plot into a standalone roleplaying experience.

This is the essence of Minecraft, and you can find it here.

Server: GhibliCraft

GhibliCraft sounds exactly like it does: A creative Minecraft server that recreates the worlds of Studio Ghibli.

It began as a single-person project several years ago and was centered around My Neighbor Totoro's and Howl's Moving Castle. It has grown to include Ponyo and Spirited Away since then.

Two plots are provided for newcomers in freebuild mode. Plot World is the main area of creativity. You get two 64×64 plots. This area also allows you to have your own projects.

This doesn't mean that you can't create whatever you want. You can work towards improving your rank on the server, filling out your plot and building amazing creations.

There is also a Large World, which gives you 2 200×200 plots. You can do anything without being judged. Town Plot, however, is for building houses. There's also a regular world without restrictions where plots can be obtained by voting, claims and other methods.

Even if your intention is to build Ghibli-themed creations only, there are plenty of options in the studio's work. Have a look here.

Server: WesterosCraft

Yes, there is a creative server that exists solely to create Westeros. This server is very similar to MC Middle Earth but it is Game of Thrones-themed.

You can choose to build a project for contest purposes, or a group build to tackle large projects such as the Winterfell one sees above.

Your goal is to build all of Westeros. This means that you fill in the gaps between towns and fortresses.

The team is more ambitious than this. There are many guidelines that you need to follow when working on projects. This will test your creativity. You might be asked to consider how the wind blows, while others may ask you to think about stone shapes and shading.

The team plans to eventually move into Essos, potentially turning the entire world into an open-world RPG. But that's in the near future.

You might need more freedom. However, you can still look at the main page and take a look at it.

Server: Builder's Refuge

Builder's Refuge offers a unique creative service. It's not just for creating and having fun, although there are always learning opportunities. Builder's Refuge is a Minecraft server that professionals can use to learn and collaborate with other creators.

It's not surprising that pro players will be able to access world edit and many other features for free, given the server's mission.

It is also the home of the Darwin Reforged project, which uses the Minecraft Forge to allow builders to create intricate scenes and buildings with a medieval theme.

Tutorials, networking opportunities and an active Discord are all available. There are also special worlds for streamers that allow them to interact with users. It's all completely free.

This is not the right place for everyone. Not everyone wants to build Minecraft professionally. Builder's Refuge is the best place to go if you have plans, or if you think you might be a good builder.