How to link nether portals in Minecraft


How to link nether portals in Minecraft

There are three dimensions to the Minecraft world that players can explore. Players must use the portals to access different dimensions of Minecraft.

Survival game mode does not allow for the creation of an end portal, but it is possible to create a Nether portal. Many Minecraft beginners don't know that the Nether portals can be linked to each other in both the Overworld and the Nether.

Minecraft: Linking nether portals

Before connecting two portals, players must be aware that every block traveled in the Nether equals eight blocks in Overworld.

Steps for linking portals

1) Players must note the exact coordinates of their Overworld portal (X, Y and Z). You can do this by activating the portal and standing on it. Players then need to divide by eight the X-Z coordinates of their Nether portal.

2) Players must round up decimal values after dividing the coordinates. If the coordinates are divided by 25.5, players can round them up to 26. If it is 25.3, players may round it up 25.

3) Once they have their new coordinates, the player must go through the portal to the Nether to travel to them.

4) Next, create a portal at those coordinates and activate it. This new portal will link to the Overworld portal.

5) To link a portal in The Nether to an Overworld portal, the player must multiply the coordinates by eight rather than dividing them.

Multiple Nether portals can be linked to provide many benefits

Players can cover thousands of blocks quickly by traveling eight blocks in Overworld.

Multiple portals can be set up at different locations so players can quickly access the Nether and travel to the other portals to return to Overworld. This saves a lot of time, and makes it a little more enjoyable to travel from one place or another.

This feature is extremely useful in Survival Multiplayer server to travel between bases or farms located thousands of blocks apart. Multiple portals are also available for famous servers like the Hermitcraft.