Ice bomb in Minecraft


Ice bomb in Minecraft

Minecraft's Education Edition contains ice bombs. They are used to freeze water. You can make it by combining Sodium Acetate compounds.

Minecraft is a huge game. This means that there are many items available for players to interact. Due to Minecraft's size, many items are not easily accessible.

Most Minecraft players don't know much about ice bombs and the Education Edition, as Java and Bedrock are the most popular editions. This article will teach players how to make ice bombs in Minecraft.

Minecraft Ice Bombs: History, uses, and how to make them

Every edition of Minecraft contains at least one exclusive feature. Minecraft's Education Edition is the only edition that can find certain items. Some players might not have heard of ice bombs in Minecraft. They are only available in the Education Edition.

What are they?

Ice bombs can be used to freeze water into liquid ice in Minecraft. These items can be compared to ender pearls in that they require a brief cooldown before another can be thrown.

Only the Education Edition of Minecraft will allow players to find Ice Bombs. This feature is available to Bedrock players by activating the “Education Edition”.

When ice bombs hit any block or entity, they will explode. Ice bombs that are thrown underwater by a player will freeze the player. An ice bomb will not cause any damage to another entity or knockback.

How do they get created?

In Minecraft Education Edition, it is easy to make ice bombs. To create ice bombs players only need to combine four Sodium Acetate compounds.

Only the Education Edition of Minecraft can you get compound. Compounds can only be made by players who combine different elements. Players will need to combine 2 carbon, 3 hydrogen, 1 Sodium, and 2 oxygen in order to make Sodium Acetate.